Paver Clean and Seal

The Concrete Painter offers an expert service in cleaning and sealing brick paving, urban stone, poured limestone, exposed concrete and all types of paving and limestone walls. Do your pavers need a new lease on life? You don't need to go to the expense and time of removing and relaying your paved area. Our cleaning and unique two-coat sealing service makes pavers look bright and new again with minimal time and cost.

Our high pressure cleaning system will remove weeds, stains, oil marks, mould and dirt as well as renewing old and faded pavers. Cleaned pavers are then sealed with a specialist two-coat sealing system that repels future stains, mould and oil for years. Paved areas then become mark-free and easier to clean and can be self-maintained in the future. Give your house a new lease on life whether it is for driveways, patio areas or paths.

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Old paving made new again
  • High quality sealants used